Not only bright it has to be

In the field of light technics many questions have to be addressed before the fitting materials can be employed.
  • What would I like to illuminate?
  • Which ambience would I like to create?
  • What aim do I pursue with the lightnig?
What color should be employed for which aim? Does the food look good with red light? 
Do people look good with orange light? Will the audience room seem cold with blue light?
These are some of the questions that we would like to answer with you together.
With industrial sized events for instance, a good stage lighting is more important than a 
wow-effect at the entrance.
Firstly, press, cameramen and photographers have to be satisfied.
Concerts have a different stress. There a wow-effect needs to be created 
right at the entrance for the incoming guests – There, effective and ambient light are more emphasized. 
In cooperating with you, we will create a concept that is customized for your event, your budget 
and blends in perfectly with its surroundings.
We will make sure that your event will become unforgettable for your guests.