We’ve  got the fitting sound you!

Inconspicuous but of great importance.
When you find yourself on an event with good sound technics, you usually don’t even realize.
What happens however, if the sound is not on point?
Qualitatively inferior acoustics can evoke symptoms of fatigue in your guests and let them 
leave the event early or be lacking concentrated.
Superior acoustics however, are usually differentiated by comparison.
But subconsciously it will have a big influence on your event.
In- and outdoor acoustics is a vast field. Simply putting up a fitting sound system will not suffice.
Indoor acoustic is impacted by many factors:
  • room height
  • Building material
  • contents of the room
to name a few.
A hall filled with an audience sounds differently than an empty one. 
A room with 3m (10 ft) height poses different requirements for proper acoustics 
than a room with 10m (30 ft) height.
A hall with a glass dome will sound different than a concrete ceiling.
Sound is our favorite field.
Therefore we arrange for successful acoustics at your event with accurate planning, 
superior technics and highly trained personnel.
With us there is no pretty vanilla. Our materials will be carefully customized for your location 
by our staff.